Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is where life happens. It is a space that you’re guaranteed to use every day. So it is essential that it is comfortable and functional. Cabinets should open. Counter space should be plentiful. Your kitchen should have enough room for cake cutting, Thanksgiving, algebra homework, date nights, cereal, and all of the other vignettes of daily life. 

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Fileti Management can take care of everything from replacing a worn out garbage disposal to a complete remodel. If you are still hand washing dishes, it is time to install a dishwasher. Want to add an island but there is a wall in the way? Fileti is happy to help make your dreams of an open floor plan a reality. 

We can make your dream a reality:

  • Pot filler faucets
  • Open concept kitchens
  • Hard wood floor installation 
  • Islands 
  • Cabinet upgrades 
  • Painting 

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